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Why I Love to Visit the Mighty Himalayas

Published on: 09-Jul-2018

The existence of the Himalayas in the lapse of nature depicts the glory and amazing beauty of the Himalayas. The soaring heights covered with snowcapped peaks, not only fascinate the mountaineers but also attract the tourists. The history of Himalayas reveals many things about its existence and how they have been struggled and how they have evolved with natural calamities. The adventure loving people are crazy about visiting the Himalayas. Tracking is a zeal for them which gives total satisfaction to them, when they reach to their destined place. They love to play with these challenges. Himalaya has many soaring peeks which are really amazing. Mount Everest is one of them, which is always a great point of fascination for the trackers. There are many Himalayan ranges in different parts of the country.

Ranges of Himalayas

The Himalaya ranges extend from the parts of Asia where it gets separated from the Indian subcontinent. From the northern part of the India, it starts from the Pakistan-Kashmir, northern part of the Himachal and on the eastern part; it has covered a large area of the Nepal and Bhutan. In the northwestern part it stretches from Hindukush and Karakoram ranges. The vast life span of the Himalayas is always a mysterious fact for the scientists also. In China, Himalayas has profound place in the Ladakh region of the Kashmir. Mount Everest is the highest peak in the Himalayas which acquires the height of 8,848 m. K2, kailash, Kanchenjunga, Manasklu, Nanga Parbat and Annapurna are the other ranges of Himalayas.

Topographical Influence of the Himalayas

The topographical features of the Himalayas and elevation based climatic zone makes it different from the other mountain ranges. On the foothills of the nature the Himalayas are bestowed with the natural beauty which is the attraction point for many of the tourists and travelers. The high elevated peeks of the Himalayas touch the heart of the many people. The Himalayas, has rich diversity of life in spite of having so extreme weather and living conditions. The water of Himalayas is the source for Ganga, Brahmaputra and Indus River. After the Antarctica and the Arctic continents Himalayas, has the biggest share of the ice and snow. The deposition of snow and ice covers the Himalayas throughout the year which enhances its natural beauty.

Why Tourists Fascinate Towards Himalayas

Mighty Himalayas had a great past and also revealed that people were fascinated towards the Himalayas from the ancient time.

Traditional factor: From the various mythological scriptures we came to know that various people had gone on the Himalayas in order to attain more peace. Today also, this magnetic effect of the Himalayas attracts the people towards itself.

Tourism: Every year tourists from different part of the world come to visit the pioneer glory of the Himalayas. People visit Himalayas during the vacations and spend their time in the auspicious beauty of nature. In this way Himalayas are also the biggest source of earning for many of the people like tourist guiders and local people etc.

Religious factor: Kailash is the biggest pilgrimage of the Hindu and every year people from different parts of the countries visit to kailash. People come there to see the existence and significance of the almighty God.

Adventure and Fun: It has been a great challenge for the mountaineers and for the people who love to go for tracking. Mountaineers visit the Himalayas because they want to explore something new and they want to add lots of zeal and enthusiasm in their life. Well, Himalayas will always be the place of attraction for the people in the future also just because of its astonishing beauty.

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