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Best Places To Visit In Kerala

Published on: 13-Feb-2020

It is not easy to decide to visit Kerala for vacations, particularly which place as there are many ancient hill stations in the state. The experience of visiting beaches is quite difficult. You must know about the different places to go in Kerala by getting a book on Kerala travel guide, and that is why we have compiled a list of places to go in the state.

The tourists love to go to Kerala as it is a lovely and romantic place to visit with diverse landscapes. The state is surrounded by many foreign locations like Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kovalam, Cochin, and Trivandrum. Tourists from foreign countries visit the state as there are many places that have a rich culture. People from domestic and international places love to visit Kerala. There are many hill stations in the state which are situated along the Western Ghats. There are many lakes in Alleppey, which makes the city picturesque. The several beaches in Kovalam are visited by foreign tourists. There are different destinations in the state which are full of scenic beauty which attract tourists from all places


The state of Kerala has magnificent beaches, immaculate water bodies and vibrant blue skies. Scores of tourists visit the state to enjoy it's everlasting charm and excellent beauty. The landscape along the coastal area in Kerala looks beautiful. The country is a paradise for both inhabitants and the people who visit here.

There are several tourist destinations in Kerala, such as Munnar and many other cities.


Famous Tourist Destinations to Visit in Kerala:


• Munnar


Kerala has a lot to offer you with this amazing city known as Munnar which is a beautiful city to visit. The land is fertile as a number of rivers flow through the city. There are many historical places which are worth seeing. It is cold and pleasant throughout the year.


Munnar is best for all the wandering souls to get nirvana. Your to do list to cover in the beautifull city begins with some mesmerizing places to visit in Munnar. These are all the top place that are in all travellers list. You can start with the picturesque Mattupetty Dam and Lake, the Attukal waterfalls or the Eravikulam national park. All these famous places are such that you can explore them many times so is the beauty of Munnar. 


• Thekkady 


This famous place of Thekkady is placed amongst the surging hills and the rich forests of Kerala. Enjoy the emmense mirracles of nature in Thekkady it has these gluts of nature. You will witness the lush green meadows, lakes and also not to forget you will witness some fascinating wildlife spices which are not found anywhere up in the adventure.


Many people are not aware about this place much as this destination, is facing a plethora of recreational motions, So what all you can enjoy here, you can enjoy the trekking to jungle expeditions, amazing nature walks and bamboo rafting which is quite famous in the place. Not to forget the amazing plantation tours to boating, We promises yoy that this place serves as the perfect vacation place.


• Alleppey


As the names sounds interesting so is the place. When in Kerala you must surely go for Alleppey and experience a few days of absolute bliss and tranquility. When in Alleppey get ready to witness the thick forests with coconut trees that will entice your soul. Also if you don't know this very prolific place is also known as the ‘Venice of the East’, and indeed it is. With its glorious waves, golden sands, and swaying palms, it resembles heaven on earth. A place indeed blessed by the gods themselves while touring the area, why not get some pampering for your body and this is the place that will provide you with the perfect experience of wellness therapies including Ayurvedic spas and massages. A place full of offbeat locations and universes wonders.


• Kovalam


Another piece of Kerala’s paradise, Kovalam is home to a vast littoral line, fringed with palm, coconut trees. Kovalam is known to be one of the shining jewel of Kerala’s .It is termed as one of the gorgeous beach cityin existence in Kerala. A global tourist hub due to the authenticity and surreal beaches views. The city is decorated with swaying coconut trees, sparkling sand beaches, and colossal lighthouses. You can do a lot of thrilling activities like swimming, surfing or can even go for a peaceful boat cruise with your friends and family. Enjoy the mesmerzing apprehensions of Kovalam, including the kayaking, snorkeling, and fantastic memorable boat excursions. Not to forget to make memories in this beautiful place with seaside walks.


• Cochin


Kochi is one of the very famous city of Kerala, it is the capital city. The city covers a wide range of dramatic landscapes and scenic beauties. All compelling views come with the vibe of serenity. The place gives you the perfect aura with its beautiful destinations and a productive environment. Indeed one of the most visited tourist regions in Kerala, which makes you awestruck with its beaches, the backwaters, and the hill stations. When in Kochi, you can visit the very famous ancient Kochi Fort, Mattancherry Palace, and Kerala Folklore Museum. All these places will give you the right insight into the art and culture of the site. Don't forget to add this to another beautiful place, the Kundale Lake; it is Asia’s first Arch dam in your area to visit the list of Kochi. With rich forests and the best boating experience, the situation becomes one of the famous tourist spots of Kerala.


• Varkala


Varkala places in Kerala, having adjacent cliffs to the Arabian Sea. This what makes it unique and iintersting. This is the main region you can enjoy several spas and waterspouts. The Papanasam beach is in Varkala, which is another best place to visit the city and is very sacred and is also one of the must-visit sites in Kerala with the best sightseeing experience like the hill-top catacomb of Sree Narayana Guru, the top attractions of Kerala.


• Kozhikode 


It is a place that witnessed the Commonwealth Spinning Wheel. The site serves as the top tourist destination in Kerala. Also, if we get into history, it is the place where Vasco Da Gama, along with 170 other men first put their foot in India. With its verdant jungles, sun-kissed beaches, and a rich ancient legacy. Visit the CSI Church, Pattalam mosque are some of the favorite tourist attractions in Kozhikode. 


• Thiruvananthapuram


Wait, Kerala has a lot more to serve you with this another amazing city called Thiruvananthapuram. The town has these amazing Jaw-dropping experiences with its beautiful beaches at Thiruvananthapuram. You can go for water sports at this beautiful place and not forget the blessings of divine shrines. Some list of go-to places of Thiruvananthapuram is Napier Museum, Sree Chithra Art Gallery, Akkulam Lake, Science, and Technology Museum for their historical significance and architectural splendor.

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