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Leisure Time In Dharmshala And Dalhousie

Published on: 19-Feb-2020

Each person is distinct in this diverse world, and everyone likes to spend their free time their preference. Somebody may just like staying at home and relaxing while someone may like dabbling a guitar after a hard day. So it is all about you whether you want to spend at home reading your favorite novel listening to the perfect piece of music or wandering in the hills exploring its beauty. Change is very vital for leading a wonderful life. Strolling in the mood in the snow-covered mountains and exploring its beauty is indeed bliss to watch in this life. Exploring new places in life gives you a new way of leading a beautiful life. Get out of your comfort zone and explore the horizons of the high Himalayas. So here in this blog, we are talking about the tremendous Shivalik ranges which comprise of various places to visit like Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie. 

So lets unravel the glories of beautiful and endless mountains, surrounding the city of Dharamshala and Dalhousie. These are the best places for relaxation activities. Many people like to ski on mountains, paragliding or snow skating. Other people want to climb mountains. Some people like just to visit peaks to take photos and admire their beauty. This is how it is. So let's see through the blog how you can spend leisure time in Dalhousie and Dharamshala.


The mesmerizing town was built during the British Raj by Lord Dalhousie and was Situated in the Dhauladhar range, Dalhousie is another hill resort offering scenic landscapes of pine and oak forest and nearby Chenab and Beas rivers. It is also the central gateway to Chamba town, Dalhousie is a peaceful and tranquil hill station that was originally a hospital. The five major distinct peaks of the place are – Balun, Katalog, Tehra, Bakrot, a and Petreyn, with the supreme height of 2378 meters above sea level. 


The Key Attractions Of The Place Are As Follows.


Chamera Lake


Dalhousie has the best lake to offer you. It will surprise you with the most elegant and luxurious original splendors that are the Chamera Lake, in the Chamba district, which almost every tourist prefer to visit in Dalhousie. It is Found at a range of 25 km from Dalhousie and is in actual a reserve accumulated by the Chamera Dam. It is positioned at an altitude of 1700 meters. It is considered a popular tourist spot of Himachal Prades, which serves as a primary cause of water accumulation for the villagers and is continuously fed by the Ravi River. So let us see some of the beautiful places in Dalhousie where you can spend your leisure time.


Gandhi Chowk Shopping Plaza:


So the very first place you can spend your leisure time is sightseeing the high mountains from Gandhi chowk. It is the hub of shopping complexes of the site. Everyone is aware of the significant Gandhi chunk of Dalhousie having outstanding hotels and restaurants surrounded by Tall pine and oaks trees. the place best serves for evening strolls possessing the best cafe like Café Dalhousie with an array of Chinese, Indian and South Indian delicacies. Gandhi Chowk is located at the heart of Dalhousie and is a site that is well remembered among the tourist spheres.




Next up, you should surely go for the "Mini Switzerland of India, that is Khajjiar," a classic hill station, which is approximately 26 km from the radiant Dalhousie. It is a small tourist retreat in Chamba about 24 km from Dalhousie, at an altitude of 6500 ft. Above sea level. Here you will observe a vast garden where people enjoy and do a picnic and numerous pleasures and fun activities.




Next up, you can go for enjoying the magnificent Chamba, which is a district of Himachal Pradesh which possesses various ancient temples, the caves, and the edifices that speak highly of Indian history. It is famous for the views of the Pir Panjal, Zanskar and Dhauladhar ranges set in the backdrop of a picture-postcard town. And it is at an elevation of 996 meters on the banks of river Ravi. The place is also famous for its traditional handicrafts and art.




If you are someone who likes waterfalls, then definitely go for watching this beautiful Panjpulla Waterfalls, it is a stunning picnic spot showcasing the natural elegance and tranquility and serenity. The waterfalls provide amidst a picturesque area enclosed by tall trees, chirping birds, and the high mountains. You can enjoy the adventure-sports like rappelling, rock climbing, river crossing, and Burma Bridge crossing. The most popular point to hit the falls is in monsoon when they flow in all their glory. 


Historical Place Of the Place To Cover:


Bara Pathar Temple:


Another famous location is the Bara Patharwhich is placed 4 km away from General Post Office, Dalhousie en route to kalatop. Bara Pathar is a Temple which you will see on the way between the Kalatop sanctuary and the Dalhousie Municipal limits. It is 60 meters ahead of the Dalhousie waterworks and is set in the amidst the thick and fragrant forest, which serves as the best place for a break on the way to Kalatop. It also has an encompassing Potato Farm along the temple.


St. John's Church:


This is a famous church of Dalhousie that holds great historical importance of being the first Church to be built here. It is Established in the midst of lush green scenes and pine valleys and serves as the first temptation of Dalhousie.It was instituted in 1863 before which it was a wooden structure. And has a stone structure, the architecture of the Church is related to the Roman Catholic Church of England.


St. Patrick's Church:


Another famous church of Dalhousie is the St. Patrick Church, which was left behind by the British. The old world attractiveness of the place attracts tourists on their trip to St. Patrick's Church, which is located in the living landscapes of Dalhousie. It is Discovered in the ancient Cantonment area of Dalhousie, the Church was designed by the officers of the British Army in 1909 and is located within a 2 km radius of the central bus stand on military hospital road. It is given the title of the most plentiful Church in Dalhousie. 


Subhash Baoli:


It is a very famous patriotic spot as it is Titled after the popular freedom fighter. It is placed just 1 km away from Dalhousie is and is a charismatic tourist spot. It has great significance in history. The very famous freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose used to come here for contemplation.  Subhash Baoli is a very renowned perpetual spring that has healing properties, and it is believed that this spring has restored the freedom fighter of his ill health.


Rang Mahal:


Rang Mahal, the historic beauty of Dalhousie is Founded by Raja Umed Singh in the 18th century. Rang Mahal was created to support the apartment of royal women. The Rang Mahal or the Himachal Emporium opens between 10 AM to 1 PM and again from 2 PM to 5 PM from Monday to Saturday. You can go to the place at any time of the year. However, winter is considered the best time.


Khajji Nag Temple:


Khajji Naga Temple is a famous temple that is situated very close to the famous Khajjiar Lake. This temple displays the precise blend of Mughal & Hindu customs of architecture. Khajjiar is also well-known due to this Kajji Naga Temple, which is in near proximity to the famous Khajjiar Lake. The temple is decorated with a golden dome and spire, and that is why it's called 'Golden Devi' temple. It perpetrated to Naga- the lord of serpents, and you'll continuously discover several idols of snakes in this area.




Dharmshala, which is situated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by cedar trees and home to fourteenth Dalia Lama and the Tibetan government in _ exile. It is located 1457 meters above sea level. The best time to visit Dharamshala is during the spring and summer season. Mcleodganj is located in upper Dharmshala, also known as 'Little Lhasa' due to the Tibetan population. There are many Monasteries in Mcleodganj. Various museums, temples, waterfalls in this beautiful Valley. Let us see what you can see in this beautiful 


A Place To Visit For Spending Leisure Time In Dharamshala Is As Follows:


Dalai Lama Temple:


Your first destination for spending leisure time in the Valley should start with the blessing of God. One of the places for which people visit Dharamshala is this place. This temple is the beautiful teaching spot of Dalai Lama. Which is open from 8 am to 8 pm. People of all religions can tour this temple. It is a top beauty throughout the year to Enjoy the Dalai Lama's preaching. Also, Dalai Lama ministers the temple at specific dates. 


Triund Hill:


Next up should be your climb to the sizeable triund hill if you are up for trecking as it will take a whole day to climb up. The very popular treck of Dharmshala is triund treck, which is a magnificent hill positioned approximately 17 km away from Dharamshala at an altitude of 2,827 meters above sea level. The place possesses remarkable snowline of Dhauladhar range starts just 5 km from Triund and a breathtaking view of the snow beautiful valleys. You can enjoy trek or enjoy a picnic to triund, which is the most suitable place to spend some time, also called the crown jewel of Dharamshala, a beautiful forest of Oak, Deodar, and Rhododendron trees.


Bhagsu Waterfall:


Bhagsunag Waterfall another major attraction of Mcleodganj, which is situated in the serene village of Bhagsu, having a height of 20m. It is visited by devotees due to the proximity of a temple of Lord Shiva nearby, and from their little stretch of trekking will take you to the dignified Bhagsu Falls. It has a well-constructed route best for young travelers and adventure-seekers. Accompanying that is the presence of Shiva Cafe, which is very famous. So experience a panoramic view of the entire Bhagsu Valley sitting in this cafe.




Mcleodganj is a significant hill station near Dharamshala, a popular stop among trekkers, having a blend of Tibetan and British culture.Known as Little Lhasa and famous home to the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, Mcleod Ganj is a lovely town located near upper Dharamsala. Having sumptuous hills and lush greenery, with a culturally blessed by a pre-eminent 




Naddi is a very famous stop in the Nadi Village and is a beautiful point in the peaceful setting of Himachal, places at the height of 7152 ft. from the ocean level this stunning From Mcleodganj you can either trek 3 km to the village or hire an auto-rickshaw to take you there. It has incredible picturesque views.


HPCA Stadium:


One of the major attractions of this Valley is the famous HPCA stadium. Present on the lap of the impressive Himalayan mountain range Positioned at the height of 1,457 meters above sea level and is one of the most formidable sports grounds in the world. This cricket station posses a chivalric natural backdrop with the cold winds constantly drifting across the lands. Enjoy the fresh stream of the mountain breeze, and the vast lush green field is offering a sensory experience.


Tibet Museum:


This prestigious Museum is located in the suburban district of McLeodganj in Dharamshala and is the official museum of the Central Tibetan Administration Department of Information and International Relations. You will see this Museum very near to the famous temple of Dalai Lama, popularly known as Tsuglagkhang, where His Holiness resides. This Museum is entirely a work of Tibetan artistry that consolidates history reports, ceramics, handiworks, and various canvases, having a yellow and white Tibetan style of engineering. You will feel a different level of positive energy.

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