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Magical beauty of Spiti Valley

Published on: 03-Sep-2018

In the lapse of Himalayan tranquil beauty the extreme cold valley “Spiti Valley” is located between the India and Tibet. This cold desert has spellbinding beauty when you reach to its most exquisite destination then it will make your excursion worthwhile. The sights of the Spiti valley is full with incredible beauty. The panoramic views of the valleys, rivers and snow covered mountains glorify the eternal beauty of this place. The sprawling alpine vegetation and most enthralling beauty of the mountains makes this destination a Paradise on the earth. The valley lies on 12500 feet above the sea level.
The destination provides amazing adventurous activities and most probably the trekkers would love this place. Apart from this, the place has spectacular monasteries which makes this place more vibrant and beautiful. This tribal valley of Himachal Pradesh has perfect blend of mountains and charming lakes which makes it more mesmerizing.

However, the most of the part of the valley is a barren land but its enchanting white covered mountains, lakes, glaciers and perfect sights makes this destination more adorable. The destinations like kinnaur, Kaza, Chandertal Lake, Lanzga, Key monastery and Pin valley are the perfect sights for sightseeing.

Some Aesthetic Destinations of Kinnaur Spiti Valley

Chandratal Lake: A beautiful lake with a unique charm of crescent moon line shape. The aqueous blue water in the lapse of white snow mountains and lush greenery. It is the most beautiful attraction of the Lahual Spiti. The moment when the reflection of the white snow covered mountains fall s on the blue water of the lake it makes that view appealing and breathtaking. Apart from having enthralling beauty this place is the perfect destination for the camping and trekking.

Suraj Tal Lake: The lake is the sun lake which lies near the Baralacha pass. The lake is covered with white icy mountains beside it which makes this place more stunning. This lake is considered as third highest lake in India. Don’t miss to visit this place in your excursion. It will surely make your journey more delightful.

Key Monastery: Key monastery which also known as kye Gompa and is the another picturesque destination of the Spiti valley. It lies in the Kaza beside the Spiti river. The monastery has spiritual manuscripts, books and murals. It is the most beautiful Buddha monastery which lies in the mighty Himalayas. The monastery has small hub of buildings which together looks like an old fort. It has a beautiful assembly hall.

Tabo Monastery: It is one of the ancient Monastery in this region having great collection of beautiful paintings. The nine temples of Buddha and stupa of other deities are  really beautiful. The beguiling paintings, sculptures of Bodhisattavas and other things related to the Buddhist culture. The golden work on the monastery looks amazing.

Kaza: It is a small village which lies on the elevation of 12,500 feet. The village has rugged and rocky mountains beside it. This is the administrative centre of the Spiti valley. The village has quite difficult life but still people of that village have become habitual of this tough life. The rugged ways and chilly winters make their life full of challenges. This place is famous for its handcraft things so, if you are fond of handcraft then you must visit this place.

Lanzga: Lanzga village which lies on the altitude of 14,500 meter above sea level. This village lies in the centre of the mountain ranges and the lush greenery of the village is the most amazing thing and makes this place more adorable. This village is the most heighted village in the world. The statue of the buddha nestled in the open serene environment makes this place more beautiful.

Komik village: After Lanzga Komik is the highest village of the Asia. This place is well known for its Komik Monastery. The village is less populated, nestled on the rocky mountains. In spite of having harsh climatic conditions, people still like to live over there and they face every challenge of the nature bravely. The place is also famous for its Monastery.

Pin valley: Pin valley national park has exquisite collection of endangered flora and fauna. The lush green valley makes this place more enthralling. The reserve has rich collection of Siberian ibex, snow leopards, snowcocks and chukar partridges. Alpine vegetation, Cedar and Deodar trees are mostly found here. Pin valley is the most beautiful place of this region. The place has best sights for capturing in the camera.

Losar: Losar is situated on the conflux of Losar and Peeno rivers. This is a small village and not so famous from the tourist point of view but still this place has beautiful charm. The beguiling rivers, waterfall and lakes enhance the beauty of this place. This place lies next to the Indo-China border. Well, Spiti valley is blessed with magical beauty which spellbind every heart.

Kunzum Pass: A gateway which the tourists have to pass on while visiting Lahaul Spiti valley. This is one of the adventurous spot for the people who love adventurous things like trekking. This is the perfect destination for the motorbiking. It lies on the elevation of the 4551meteres above the sea level. The panoramic view of the glaciers makes that sight more appealing. There is one temple of goddess Kunjum which protects that pass from the bad evils. It is the separation point of Lahaul and Spiti. The hoisting flags shows the great significant of the Buddhist religion over that place.

Bara-lacha la: Bara – lacha pass which is also known with the names Bara-lacha La which jojns the Lahaul with Himachal Pradesh. This pass acts as a divider of the Bhaga river and Yamuna river. This pass is also known as deadliest pass of the world. This pass is a beautiful place amidst of the glaciers.  When the fog covers the white glaciers then it looks beautiful but due to extreme cold this place is really a deadly place too. In spite of having extreme climatic conditions and chilled cold conditions Lahaul Spiti is a mystical place which has an appealing charm in its beauty.

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