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Himachal Tribal Circuit

Published on: 29-Jul-2018

I still remember my excursion of Himachal tribal circuit with my friend. The authentic tribal circuit of Himachal is blessed with heavenly places which amaze us with its exquisite beauty. Himachal is a divine place and also prominent for its historical places and the culture. I always wanted to explore the Himalayas and on this trip I got the chance. In amidst of snow capped mountains and lush green valley’s Himalayas are situated which I always wanted to visit. The mesmerizing beauty of the Himachal is blessed with beautiful lakes, rivers, icy peaks and glaciers which fascinated me and my friend. We followed the routefrom Chandigarh via Kalka, Dharampur, Solan, Shimla, Kufri, Theog, Matiyana, Narkanda. We were travelling in the car while travelling, when we reached to Narkanda, I couldn’t stop myself to stop there. This was peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. My friend also liked that place a lot so, he insisted me to take stay over there. Then we booked a hotel over there and in the next morning we started our journey to khab.

The narrow roads on the mountains were big challenge for the travelers because passing through these narrow roads was not any easy task. Sometimes it was really a scary moment for me but anyhow my friend handled it. We were travelling not so fast. When we were passing the way then river Satluj was beside us from about 200km ahead, when we reached to kinnaur then the narrow bridges became the part of our journey. The view of Kinnaur really amazed us because that hilly area was describing its own beauty. Kinner Kailash allures the beauty of this place. The lush green valleys, white icy mountains and Lakes create a picturesque scene which we would never forget. We went through Kasang Nalah Bridge and the river Satluj which made our journey more vibrant.

Exciting excursion of Lahaul Spiti and Khab

After this our next destination was Khab, it is the convergence place of Satluj river and Spiti river. Here the muddy or brown water of river Satluj confluence with the blue water of the river Spiti. We stopped there for a while and ate some snacks and then again we started our journey. We passed on to the village Yangthang and then we entered the district Lahaul Spiti. The narrow roads of this district really frightened me. We both had a great experience at that place and it was the best place for trekking but due to shortage of time we had to continue our journey after that we reached to Nako which was a small village and Nako is the prominent lake which remains frozen for the half of the year. We also saw some frozen waterfalls in the way. This place remains frozen during the winders and the view of this place at that time was really breathtaking. After that we passed on to Chnago, sumdo and Kaurik. Kaurik was near by the china border. After that we reached at Tabo. When moved ahead then we saw Exquisite icy capped mountains beside the river Spiti. We stopped there for a while and we clicked many pictures there. We were tired and we both needed some rest and it was also getting dark so we booked a hotel at Tabo. We visited to Tangyud gompa which was built in the form of historical castle. There were beautiful ancient caves in that place which are always the biggest attraction point for the researchers from different part of the world.

Beautiful Pin Valley of Kaza

After this our next destination was Kaza which was 50 km ahead from Tabo. In the way we crossed pin valley which was the most beautiful valley of lahaul spiti. Pin River is the most attractive point of this valley. We also visited “Pin valley national park” over there. We saw different species of flora and fauna over there. We captured all these moments in our camera. We saw different Stupas and Monasteries over there. The valley was covered with the icy mountains and that was really an astonishing view then we followed the way to Kaza. I had heard a lot about this place so, I wanted to visit there now my dream was about to complete. It was a beautiful place with charming beauty of nature and green river water after that we passed on to the village Kibbar.

This jouney was full of excitement; we also experienced the snowfall in the way. We wished to stop there but due to the shortage of time we continued our journey to Losar. We saw some castles at this place. This place was under the glacier so there was very rough stony way. We reached kuzum and then Gramphu and then passed on many other places in the way after that we reached to Rohtang which was not so suitable place for staying. So, we went down to Manali and we booked a hotel over there. After a healthy sleep, in the next morning at 10 am we again started our journey. We also visited some places Of Manali and the we decided to end our tribal circuit excursion and we came back through kullu, Pandoh dam, Sunder nagar, Bilaspur and then to the Chandigarh.

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